Super Sketch

Calculators are a great way to help your members understand more about their superannuation, insurance and what it will mean to them in the future. By building our simple to use calculators into your members experience you're enhance their outcomes whilst increasing your value.

Super Sketch

Helping members to understand their possibilities through using simple calculators is a great way to engage people with their life after retirement. Super Sketch is our platform that deploys standalone calculators and forms designed for you to make available to your members. These products are designed to be highly accessible, mobile compatible, easy-to-use and provide general superannuation recommendations and calculations.

To enhance your member experience Super Sketch provides a similar experience to our digital advice solution, Super Blueprint. So when a member builds their competence and confidence enough to generate their own advice the experience is familiar.

Super Sketch offers the following calculators

  • Superannuation – accumulation and drawdown
  • Fee comparison
  • Insurance premium
  • Insurance cover
  • Investment risk profile
  • Mortgage
  • Net benefit

We also can help you generate your own member join and employer contribution forms making it easy for your streamline your members’ experience.