Super Fusion Plus

Making it easy for your members to consolidate their super must be simple for you and them. That's why we've upgraded Super Fusion to the Plus version building in the benefits of the ATO's SuperMatch 2 functionality. Super Fusion Plus is simple to implement and use solution for your members to make their super simple.

For Super funds, helping members consolidate their superannuation has been always been a difficult task. But now, Super Fusion Plus makes it easy for you and your members. Initially, the problem was identifying all of a member’s super, both lost and known. Then, the question became how do they consolidate it? Fortunately, the ATO has risen to the challenge and created Super Match 2 and now, we've created a solution that works with Super Match 2 to help members consolidate their super, and grows your FUM.

Super Fusion Plus is an integrated solution that seamlessly connects with SuperMatch 2 to give your members a branded solution on your website that consolidates their super. Funds have an obligation to help members make super simple, but sometimes it can be complex especially when insurance is involved and that's where your full range of services supports Super Fusion Plus.

This is not an advice solution. It's simply an automated, consolidation solution made for members to review their super funds and act thereby saving on fees and taking the first step to engagement.

Super Fusion Plus triggers super stream to quickly and efficiently consolidate their superannuation into their chosen fund - yours.

Super Fusion Plus is designed to provide you are your members with the power to consolidate their superannuation which in turn, saves extra fees and puts them on the road of opportunity.