Super Forecaster

Super Forecaster helps you turn your members information into insights. Making your members information relevant to them helps them to take more control. We've designed Super Forecaster to provide interactive communications that members can read on their smartphones helping you to reach more of your members on their terms.

For many, retirement hard enough to imagine without confusing it with the complexities of superannuation. The challenge for us all is how do we help members appreciate the importance of their superannuation in generating an income in their retirement. Only then can they start to image their life in retirement.

Traditionally paper statements have been the answer and in more recent times putting projections at the bottom of the statement. But not only is that becoming very expensive, your members are not reading their paper mail its no longer relevant to them. Member’s want information on their terms and that means on their smartphones in an easy to read format and personal, that where Super Forecaster helps.

Super Forecaster is an innovative alternative to costly and uninspiring paper statements designed to make it easy for your members to read, relate to and discard, all while they travel home on the train or bus. We bring your members’ superannuation to life by working with your fund administrator to present a personalised projection of your members’ superannuation including the contributions and growth of the last quarter and where the funds are invested all on their smartphone or tablet.

What’s more Super Forecaster can help create opportunities and deeper engagement by giving them the opportunity to engage with you further by simply pushing a button. Communication is changing and so are your members, Super Forecaster is here to help you to help your members imagine their life in retirement.

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