Digital Advice and the Diseconomy of Financial Planning

7 September 2016

With enough time in the industry, super fund planners can start to feel a bit like Cassandra, who according to Greek mythology received the gift of prophesy, but with one condition – that no one would ever believe her. Super funds understand how critical financial planning is to their members’ futures, and they see the value proposition as being self-evident, if only they had a receptive audience. But their message is undermined by a broader lack of trust in the industry, which has left members blind to the benefits of engagement, and created a self-reinforcing cycle of disinterest.


Myth Busting Digital Advice

8 February 2018

For the past two years I’ve been running a fintech advice business which licenses, develops and provides both digital and traditional face to face advice to thousands of members of superannuation members. I fundamentally believe everybody matters and have the right to advice, but its only now that I’ve realised its importance. Digital advice is actually not about advice per se, but financial inclusion. Through digital advice we’re making advice more accessible to people who would not typically engage a financial planner.