What is SMSFit

As an Accountant, the introduction of stricter advice guidelines on 1 July 2016 will see Accountants needing a new way to provide advice about SMSF suitability to clients.

Introducing SMSFit, Adviser Network’s new online SMSF suitability solution designed to help Accountants continue to provide advice on the suitability of SMSF’s to clients. SMSFit enables you to advise clients in an easy to use, compliant and efficient way without having to waste resources on expensive software or new time consuming processes.

SMSFit - Fit for Purpose

The benefits to you and your Accounting firm are:

• It’s online and simple to use making it efficient for your business;
• It’s timely, producing an on-the-spot personalised, Limited SOA about your client’s SMSF suitability;
• It’s dynamic and personalised based on your client’s answers to 16 questions about their SMSF knowledge and appropriateness;
• It’s works seamlessly with your current licensing structure;
• It’s user-pay which allows you to build it into your existing client value proposition.

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How SMSFit Works

Designed to allow your clients to answer a series of online questions that will assist in determining whether an SMSF structure is fit for their purposes. The questions are aimed at capturing your client’s current financial objectives, circumstances and needs, as they relate to retirement and superannuation and whether these align to an SMSF structure.

For example, in determining client suitability, the questions emphasise:

• whether your client is seeking choice and flexibility;
• your client’s time horizon, initial and the future levels of superannuation contributions they wish to make;
• the level of effort the client is willing to make for compliance, administration, reporting and tax; and
• the client’s level of financial product knowledge.

SMSFit is a competitively-priced, user-pay, cloud-based system that allows you to carry on providing advice to your clients regarding their suitability to set up SMSFs, without having to add time consuming or expensive advice software to your business processes.

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