Advice Efficiency & Technology

Advice Network works to combine the benefits of new technology with the knowledge of advice processes to help your business improve productivity and the engagement of your members. Technology by itself won't improve your outcomes unless it built with the member in mind, that requires experience and a focus on the member.

We realise that to maximize advice efficiency , advisers’ need a technology solution that focuses on:

  • Security;
  • Innovation;
  • Mobility; and
  • Advice productivity.

Technology needs to be easy to use so advisers can generate their own SOAs efficiently and, in the process, enhance the member experience and business outcome. Efficient adviser technology is one of the keys to a productive and member-focused advice offering. Our advice technology, CCUBE can assist you by:

  • providing new technology that makes it easy for advisers to generate their own SOA’s thereby increasing their productivity and your members’ outcomes;
  • being available on all technology platforms meaning your advisers can use it on a smartphone or tablet;
  • integrating with other leading edge solutions, for example SuiteBox;
  • with the introduction of Suite Box, your advisers will be able to conduct online meetings enhanced by having video technology that allows both the SOA to be reviewed at the same time and client fulfilment touch screen technology for signatures; and
  • incorporating easy-to-use templates that encourage iterative development of SOAs through simple drag and drop functionality, meaning you don’t need a team of coders to support the technology.

With the implementation of CCUBE, planners should be able to do more of their SOAs and not require us to maintain an in-house solution.